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Suggested Reading
  • The Complete Mastiff,
  • by Betty Baxter and David Baxter

    Howell Bookhouse Inc.,New York, NY,1993

  • Granduer and Good Nature: The Character of a Mastiff,
  • by Joan Hahn,ed. And publisher,1990/1992,

    (RD#1,Box 319A Irish Hill, Road Nassau, NY 12123.)

  • The Mastiff,
  • by Marie A. Moore,

    Delinger's Publishers Ltd., Fairfax, VA, 1978

  • The Mastiff and Bullmastiff Handbook,
  • by Douglas B. Oliff,

    Howell Bookhouse Inc., New York, NY, 1988.

  • Mastiffs,
  • by Marie A. Moore,

    T.F.H. Publications Inc., Neptune City, NJ, 1989